Interim Measures Coronavirus Pandemic (March 14 2020)Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The health and well being of our students is of paramount importance to us. We are implementing the following measures to protect students as far as possible.


If you have concerns with or suggestions in addition to, the measures outlined below please contact us at 613 329 5540 or email us.


Our first course is not starting until May 11th almost two months from now. We sincerely hope the current uncertain situation will be clarified by that time.

Our on-line teaching of the ashore Knowledge (theory portion) of the courses means that we do not have large classroom sessions avoiding large gatherings.

Our on board course sizes are small typically 3 students and an instructor.


The following are interim measures and will apply to all bookings until further notice.


In the meantime, we are implementing practices based on current recommendations by the World Health Organization and will change policies for our courses as below.

Increased cleaning and disinfection of the boat will be carried out before each course. In conjunction with this boat will not be in service for over 60hrs between courses.

Hand sanitizer will be available in addition to the usual hand washing facilities.


Before your course- revised policies:


We ask that students do not book courses within 2 weeks after planned air travel. If, after booking, this changes unavoidably, we will rebook an alternative course with no penalty.

Students should advise us if they develop symptoms before the start of course,


they will need to be tested and found free of the virus before the course.  While we ask for as much advance notice as possible, to encourage students to self-report our normal student cancellation policy is waived in these circumstances and the course will be re-scheduled or refunded.

If students wish to book one of the planned courses as a private course with no additional students we will consider offering a reduction in our normal fees for a private course . Note for logistical reasons we need a minimum of two people for a course, so this only applies to simultaneous bookings of 2 or more.

We will have a reserve instructor for each course. In the event the planned instructor exhibits early signs of a potential infection (eg. cough, fever, difficulty breathing) the reserve instructor will teach the course.

During a course If anyone shows symptoms, we will isolate them as far as possible with the boat and   the course will be terminated immediately and arrangements made to transport the students to their vehicle or if appropriate a medical facility. We will arrange courses so that we are always in or close to  areas served by road access.

In this case the course fee will be pro-rated for the number of days or arrangements will be made to complete the course at a later date.

As the situation clarifies we reserve the right to change cancellation policies however  once booked the policy then in force will remain for that booking until after the course.