BASIC Navigation

A remote learning course


Whether you plan to use modern electronics or traditional navigation techniques, there is a core set of knowledge and skills that will help make you a safe and prudent navigator.
Our Basic course covers all the requirements defined in Sail Canada’s Basic Coastal Navigation standard ( Graduates of our course are certified according to this standard, which is a prerequisite for Intermediate (or bareboat) Cruising, and for going on to learn more in-depth knowledge and skills in Intermediate Coastal Navigation.

In addition, since almost everyone now has a GPS built into their smartphone or tablet, Learn to Cruise Online supplements these core requirements with enhanced content particularly focused on the use of mobile devices in marine navigation.

Come learn with us.

Course materials include:


  • A detailed text and accompanying exercises, authored by Jamie Gordon, one of Canada’s leading experts in cruising and navigation (downloadable in PDF form) New Edition January 2018

  • A set of modular screencasts on each topic, using a presentation with voice-over commentary to explain and illustrate key concepts and techniques. These screencasts can be viewed as often as desired.
    Periodic web-conferences will highlight key topics and provide course participants with an opportunity to obtain additional explanations of any areas they have not yet completely grasped
  • Access to a participants’ forum and email and skype access to the course instructors provides interaction with colleagues and the ability to get personalized support as required
  • We provide an online mock exam that participants can take to prepare themselves for the real exam.
  • The Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation exam. This is an open-book exam. Arrangements can be made for you to complete the exam within a defined time period and mail it to us for marking
  • A final web-conference will provide participants with an opportunity to review their personal exam results and gain further clarification on any questions they had difficulty with.
  • After completing the course, participants will have ongoing access to the Basic Coastal Navigation course material for update and review purposes.

Course Outline

The course is organized in 4 sessions, each of which is intended to be completed in a two-week period. (Click each session title for a detailed listing of topics covered.)


        • Session 1: The Basics: Charts, Publications, Navigation Tools
        • Session 2: Basic Chart Plotting
        • Session 3: Basic Position Determination
        • Session 4: Tides and Currents, Danger and Clearing Bearings, GPS, Mobile Devices, and Planning
        • Session 5: Exam preview and preparation
        • Session 6: Exam take-up

Price of the course is $200 +HST

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