On-Line Seminar and Course Material for Basic Coastal Navigation to be launched in March.

In an earlier post, we announced that Basic Coastal Navigation will join Basic Cruising as a condition for awarding Sail Canada Intermediate certification for 2017.  Basic Coastal Navigation is not a prerequisite for registering for the Intermediate course: you can enroll for Intermediate Cruising without having the Basic Coastal Navigation Standard.  But to receive your Intermediate certification, Sail Canada requires that you must first pass the Basic Coastal Navigation exam or have previously passed the full Coastal Navigation exam.

However , we do encourage you to take the Basic Coastal Navigation before the 2017 sailing season so you can practice your skills during the Intermediate course.

  • To this end, in March we will be launching an on-line Basic Coastal Navigation Course consisting of:
  • approximately 10 hours of online presentations and exercises which you can review at your own convenience;
  • 2 scheduled webinars which will provide an opportunity for review and discussion;
  • a comprehensive set of downloadable notes, exercises, and other resource materials;
  • email support from your instructors.

The Basic Coastal Navigation exam (which is open book) can be taken near your location with a suitable proctor of your choice.  The total cost for the course and exam will be under $200.  Further details will be announced in early February.  If you think you might be interested, please let us know by emailing phil@learntocruise.ca

If you don’t have Basic Cruising certification we will continue to offer self-study with the textbook to prepare for the ashore knowledge exam, with a challenge of the Basic practical skills during your intermediate course.