International Yacht Training  have announced that they will no longer issue an ICC as a stand alone qualification without completeing a certification like  International Bareboat Skipper

IYT is changing it’s approach to issuing ICCs based on persons doing an “ICC Course”.   We have realized over time that it was not in a candidate’s best interest to simply hold an “ICC Certificate” as the ICC was never intended to be a “course” but a level of competence based on experience and existing qualifications.

In the past, if you were chartering in Europe, an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) may have been sufficient proof of your ability to safely operate a boat. However, a number of European charter companies and insurance companies will not accept an ICC as sufficient proof to command a yacht for a one-week bareboat charter (power or sail). These companies are insisting that the charterer should hold an IYT International Flotilla Skipper or IYT International Bareboat Skipper, power or sail (or equivalent qualification that is on their “approved” list).

We are now requiring schools to teach and certify:

  • the IYT International Crew and International Flotilla Skipper or Bareboat Skipper modules 1 – 25 in the “IYT International Boating & Sailing Passport” and place orders for the IYTFlotilla or Bareboat certificate as well as the ICC <24M certificate. “

Accordingly we are discontinuing the ICC challenge course and replacing it with a Bareboat Skipper Challenge on the basisof which we will issue an International Bareboat Skipper and an ICC.

Students on 5 day intermediate courses will cotinue to have the option to take Bareboat Skipper and also obtain the ICC.

We are in the process of updating our ICC pages and Intermediate course pages to reflect these changes. If you have questions feel free to email or call us.