These are a set of generic notes for  Intermediate Courses. some of the details eg. start day and time in the Welcome letter may be modified for your course. We will send out information specifically for your course when it is confirmed.

Welcome to your Intermediate course. This course follows on from the Basic course and is recommended for Chartering or boat ownership.

If you plan to charter in Europe you may need an ICC. (See ICC page) the practical portion of the ICC is included in Intermediate courses but to obtain the ICC you will also need to take the ICC exam which is not included.

Its a good idea to make sure you have the prerequisites completed as early as possible.

these are Sail Canada  Basic Cruising +

Pleasure Craft Operators Card

VHF Marine Radio Operators Certificate (ROC(M))

and  Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation (or Coastal Navigation).

We offer an on-line course for Basic Coastal Navigation.

+ If you are an experienced Keelboat Sailor it is possible to write the Basic exam beforehand and Challenge the Basic Afloat skills during an Intermediate Course.