Why Choose Wavelength Sailing School?

Our School

  • We are a well established, independent, locally owned School, operating for over 12 years in Kingston.
  • We are a registered member school of Ontario Sailing, Sail Canada and International Yacht Training we have been with Sail Canada (CYA) for twelve years and IYT for five years.
  • We were one of the first schools to participate in the Transport Canada Small Vessel Compliance Program.
  • We offer a full range of courses leading to Sail Canada qualifications up to Advanced level and internationally recognised International Yacht Training ICC and International Bareboat Certification.
  • We offer courses on sailing Yachts ranging from 25-30′ up to 50′ typical of boats you may buy or charter.
  • We only employ  professional, certified and experienced Sail Canada (& IYT) cruising instructors .
  • Our Boats and Instructors are full insured
  • We are a small school with small class sizes and we offer more individualized training than larger schools.
  • We are active in the local boating community providing voluntary support to other organisations such as CPS (for example CPS Seamanship Sail course and consulting to marinas, boaters and former clients outside of the school activities.
  • We strongly believe that students should learn in the type of boat which they plan to sail. We teach on boats typical of small to large cruising keelboats in the picturesque, navigationally challenging waters near Kingston and the Thousand Islands as well as in the North Channel some of the best freshwater cruising grounds in the world.
  • We maintain a personal contact with many of our students and are always available to help them after their courses.
  • Our live aboard courses are one to three days longer than most other schools giving more time to coach to a higher standard.
  • We seek student feed back and as far as possible incorporate their ideas into our courses.
  • Other schools do not offer sufficient qualifications (Intermediate, ICC or International Bareboat Skipper) for skippering a bareboat Charter.
  • We are located in Collins Bay Marina with free Parking and excellent facilities. Collins Bay offers sheltered waters for new sailors and the waters beyond are excellent picturesque cruising grounds in the “Freshwater capital of the world” with beautiful anchorages and numerous other marinas and yacht clubs to visit.

Our Instructors

  • Our cruising instructors are trained and certified by Ontario Sailing (Sail Canada Provincial Association). Instructors go through a rigorous certification process which tests excellent sailing skills, knowledge- not only of sailing but also of the local area, collision regulations and communication methods, lesson preparation and teaching techniques. Only those who pass this testing and complete all instructor pre-requisites are certified.
  • Our lead instructor/owner actively participates in Instructor training and certification, curriculum development for Sail Canada and in best practice development for sailing schools and is one of only seven Senior Instructor Evaluators in Ontario and seventeen in Canada.
  • All of our Instructors are highly experienced in teaching cruising courses and usually hold qualifications to teach higher level courses. Our average instructor experience is over seven years of professional instructing in Keelboats with excellent knowledge of the waters around Kingston. Several of our Instructors are active in other Maritime occupations and bring a wealth of experience to the courses.
  • Through our leadership in Instructor training we are able identify and select only the very best keelboat instructors with excellent experience and knowledge of the cruising grounds and we regularly review their performance.
  • Some Clubs or schools use untrained volunteer “instructors” who do not carry liability insurance and do not offer a consistent, comprehensive high quality basic programme. They do not offer higher level courses and graduates of their courses who want to sharpen their cruising skills will have to challenge Sail Canada Basic (possibly with additional instruction) at additional cost before proceeding to Intermediate certification.

Some Statistics

  • Over one third of students are either former clients returning to upgrade their qualifications or were recommended to our school by a former client.
  • Our successful student completion rate is over 80%. Last year (2015)  we certified over 20% of the Intermediate  students province wide, a great achievement for a small school considering there are 24 active member schools in Ontario.

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