Feedback from Students

We are proud of the feedback we receive from students . Most say the courses exceed their expectations. Our Instructors are rated “excellent” (top rating) by over 95% of students. We take feedback very seriously and where an issue is raised we try to correct it if we can.

Relaxed yet business like instruction. A very good learning atmosphere, instructor’s depth of knowledge was obvious. Thanks, an excellent experience, I am a more competent sailor as a result of your instruction.

G.R. Burlington ON. (boat owner of 2 years)

Great instructor would highly recommend him, relaxed style, sense of humour, listened to feedback, patient and flexible.

C.L. Godfrey ON (new to sailing)

Instruction couldn’t be better very patient. I had a marvelous experience. Thank you for all of the training, I am miles ahead of where I was prior to the course. It has motivated me to go on and improve my skills.

E.C. Newmarket ON

Excellent guidance: I gained confidence in my ability to communicate with the crew and sail the boat, while advice was still available. Thanks for answering my 1000 questions. Great job of bringing a crew together. I’m sad to be ashore!
Tim now sails Elanor Tarr, see his story Shaun’s Blog – Basic and Intermediate 2012

Tim Downs Peterborough ON

The approach & delivery were spot on…pitch, timing and pace of instruction were ideal..a great week and a wonderful experience the constant presence and active engagement of the instructor are invaluable. The vast amount of helm time just lifts this live aboard training way beyond comparable shore-based rivals.

Mike H. Kingston ON (Dive Instructor)

I just wanted to say thank you for the great course I took with you in August. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, it did force me to face my fear of strong winds (they certainly were that!) and I gained a great deal of confidence and knowledge. It’s been interesting to see the difference now in my ability to sail our boat. I know so much more and have been able to apply it. Loved learning how to heave to – we’ve used that a lot, especially to reef our main sail when the winds have suddenly picked up. My husband and I definitely want to do the Intermediate course with you in the BVI this winter.
Follow up:

We want to thank you both for the sailing courses we took from you. We just returned from 2 weeks in the BVI, sailing on our own on a 32′ Beneteau that we chartered. It was a great experience, thanks largely to the practical knowledge and experience you both shared with us.

We revisited some of the places we went to a year ago on the course with you, Phil. And ventured off to explore some new places as well. It was April, so conditions were quite a bit different than when we were there in January – very strong winds, and north swells – so it was a good challenge for us.

We anchored and hooked up to mooring balls with ease, and had no problems coming into docks and tying up for fueling. And we both took turns at the helm (you would have been very proud of my skills, Jim!)

We wanted to let you know because none of this would have been possible without the beginner and intermediate courses we took with you. It was one of our dreams to charter and sail in the BVI for two weeks on our own, and now we’ve done it!

Julie W. Waterloo ON.(Basic Course Sailboat owner)

Phil is a fantastic Instructor, patient able to teach in different methods great for adult learning. I thoroughly enjoy being on his courses. Great boat (Wavelength) to learn on responsive, great size not intimidating.

Joleen S. Perth ON

Knowledgeable Instructor who stepped through all the info. (practical and theoretical) required to pass the CYA Intermediate Standard.

Brian W. Ottawa

Superb! Phil is a skilled and generous Instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable. He communicates his passion for sailing very well, his approach to teaching is thoughtful and very in tune with his learners. I feel privileged to have spent a week sailing with him.

Christine B. Ottawa ON

Through my role as a Specialist Firearms Officer in the UK and as Head of the Tactical Team and of the Firearms Training School, I have been in the adult learning environment for the last 21 years. I have experienced many types and standards of Instructors in this area and I think I can recognise a good one when I see one. Phil was superb. His style and approach were at a level that both students required. (One novice and one intermediate.) His knowledge was exceptional and his desire for both students to succeed was very evident and he clearly took a great deal of personal pride from seeing us both develop during the week. Whilst we were regularly challenged and exposed to new experiences it was all done in such a way that allowed both students to learn effectively. Phil is to be congratulated on his ability to impart his vast knowledge.

Dave A. (UK)

I feel so much more comfortable after having had this course and the teaching was perfect. It all makes so much more sense to me! Great facilitator !! Thanks Jim.

Monique C.H. Kingston ON

ICC Course

So – here we are in Greece – 4 days on the boat so far. Weather variable – 1st day quite a challenge – winds got up to 25 knots, our destination was to windward, was a hard work day!
Yesterday a nice sail, 10-15 knots, broad reach to destination. Now in a beautiful little harbour – Palia Epidavros – on Pelloponese east coast. At least it is warm – even on the cool days. Today about 25C – went for a dip in the Med this am before breakfast…… Really appreciate our experience with you, it would have been impossible to do this without.

D&M W. Hudson QC

BVI courses

BVI Courses

We had an absolutely amazing time. We learned so much and had such a good time. We really appreciated Jim’s knowledge of sailing and of the BVI’s. It was like having a personal tour guide and we feel we made a new friend.

K.D. London ON

Even though we were experienced sailors, we signed up for the Intermediate course in the BVI as a way to bring our knowledge up to date and exercise skills that get rusty from lack of use, such as paper-based navigation, crew-overboard drills, and so on. The course more than met those expectations amid terrific surroundings and excellent company. We’re looking forward to the next stage in the journey.

RM & MS Coburg Ontario Owners SV Interlude